A look inside my journey... Beginning this quest to success starts with acknowledging the Most High for blessing my life. My desire is to welcome your interest by thanking you for your love and continuing support. I am deeply touched by the encouragement, motivation, and heartening inspiration that I have received since becoming both an actor and a writer.  Needless to say, I am extremely grateful and appreciative for the great moral boost, emotional lift, and spiritual 'guiding light' that I have been given by people of all walks of life. Despites  all the  trials and tribulations that I continue to experience since moving to Los Angeles, I remain confident in my abilities to make a propitious and therefore positive contribution to this incredible industry. In the past few years I have developed such a fervent passion for acting. This intense desire to fully explore my potential as a stage, television, and  ultimately film character has allowed me to rapidly mature and grow as an individual. It is my paramount hope and supreme  aspiration to sustain, in a healthy and vigorous way, the same level of flourishment, growth, and proliferation.  Again I would like to express to all of you my sincere gratitude, genuine appreciation, and heartfelt indebtedness.

Truthfully yours !


One Love ~ Kamal


“Just like an athlete breathes through his pain, injuries, and set of obstacles, I as an actor breathe through the intensity of my feelings, the depth of my emotions, and the strong passion for my craft!” – Kamal Moummad

Kamal Moummad's humble beginnings originated in Paris, France. From a traditional loving family of ten, he is the eighth born. Kamal’s parents were devoted to family life and they graciously instilled in their children's consciousness, high moral values, proper work ethics, honesty, love, respect and integrity.


Through his educational process and his natural development as an athlete, Kamal was recognized and highly esteemed in track and field, soccer and most notably, basketball. Though his first love is theater, which he was exposed to at an early age, Kamal pursued basketball in college where he played for San Jose State University in Northern California, and then professionally overseas. Upon the completion of his sports career, Kamal was excited to pursue a new calling in modeling, print ads, commercials and ultimately, his passion, acting.

Eager to engage in the creative processes of writing and acting, Kamal relocated to Los Angeles. Since his arrival to Southern California, Kamal has been passionately working on his craft. As a result of his perseverance and steadfastness, Kamal has developed tremendous range as an actor. Like every skilled artist, Kamal is multifaceted. Kamal’s diverse background and fluency in four languages make him a perfect fit for a wide range of roles. Kamal is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, English, and is native tongue French. Friends and colleagues describe him as affable, intelligent, insightful, patient and dedicated, making him a pleasure to work with.


As the 8th child of ten siblings, Kamal is naturally passionate about family and community life. Aside from his work on the big screen, Kamal has invested a significant amount of time and resources into empowering underprivileged children. One of his biggest joys is giving back to his community by being a mentor and a coach. In this role, he has had the chance to discover and pursue yet another passion, working as both a Humanitarian and a Peace Ambassador. Kamal simply love to positively influence men, women and children from all over the world.


 Inspired by his work with young people, and with the noble intention of positively engaging, empowering and educating young people through art and entertainment, Kamal has founded both a non-profit organization and a production company. Their mission is to provide a comprehensive and interactive platform for innovative, groundbreaking and resourceful individuals from all walks of life looking to bring to light interesting stories, cultural backgrounds, or testimonials with respect to topics that will attract, educate, and ultimately inspire people. It is safe to assume that Kamal, a global citizen and talented actor with a heart for humanity, is destined for even more greatness in the years to come.








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